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June 18, 2008, 12:42 am
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It’s been a relatively recent trend for major networks to stream full TV episodes on their websites. Being at USC this past year, I practically had no time to watch any television except for the occasional SportsCenter or Anderson Cooper 360. Being addicted to Lost and Friday Night Lights and not knowing when either of those episodes aired and most likely having class during those times anyway, I was extremely grateful that I could watch those full episodes online.

I just found out today that Disney has recently caught on to this trend and has started to host full movies online for streamed viewing. They’re calling it Disney XD. I actually just finished watching Monsters Inc. on Man that movie is still just as funny as the first time I watched it. Pixar can do no wrong in my opinion. Oh and who else is psyched about WALL-E? It looks fantastic and really funny. So yeah, go check out and their streaming movies. Here’s a schedule of the movies they’re featuring.

  • “Finding Nemo” – was available online through June 13
  • “Monsters Inc.” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 14 at 8pm; available on June 16-20
  • “Haunted Mansion” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 28 at 8pm; available on June 30-July 4
  • “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 5 at 8pm; available on July 7-11
  • “Princess Diaries 2” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 12 at 8pm; available on July 14-18
  • “Freaky Friday” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 19 at 8pm; available on July 21-25
  • “Peter Pan” – airs on ABC Saturday, Aug. 2 at 8pm; available on Aug. 4-8

Thanks to John Frost at The Disney Blog for the info.


A Hot Tranny Mess
June 12, 2008, 8:24 pm
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Thank God SNL is getting funny again. A spoof off of Christian Siriano, Project Runway 4 Winner

SNL: A New Bravo Show

December 3, 2007, 11:38 pm
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Whoever is in charge of marketing for GOP Candidate Mike Huckabee is an absolute mastermind. Watch this YouTube clip and you’ll see why.

This whole Chuck Norris thing is a huge trend/fad right now and kudos to the Huckabee camp for capitalizing on it. The YouTube clip was uploaded only two weeks ago and it already has nearly 1 MILLION views. This has got to be huge exposure for Huckabee. I’m not sure where he stands so far within the Republican party, but prior to this ad, I really had no clue who the guy was.

Anyway, props.

Cansei De Ser Sexy
November 26, 2007, 4:00 pm
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If you’ve been watching any TV the last month or two, you’ve probably seen the commercial for the new iPod Touch. Here’s a neat little fact about that commercial. The concept was originally made up by 18-year old UK first year political science student Nick Haley who created the commercial using clips from the apple website and Final Cut Pro on his MacBook.

He made the commercial in September of this year and uploaded it to YouTube. It received a lot of hits, but most importantly, it caught the eye of some execs at Apple. They contacted Nick and flew him out to California to oversee and be involved in making his amateur commercial ready for national airplay. What a great way to build a relationship with your customers, eh?

The New York Times did an excellent article that you can read here. See if you can spot the differences between Nick’s commercial and Apple’s.

What’s most interesting, in my opinion, is the song used for the ad. Haley said that he was inspired to create the commercial after hearing the lyric, My music is where I’d like you touch, from the song “Music is My Hot Hot Sex” by the Brazilian band CSS. If you check out the comments on YouTube for the commercial, they’re not about how cool the iPod touch is or how everyone wants one, rather the comments are about the song, who sings it, how much they love it, etc.

CSS stands for Cansei de Ser Sexy which means “Tired of Being Sexy.” I’ve listened to the band’s debut self-titled album and it is hot. CSS excels at a sound that most aren’t familiar with: Electropop. Other Electropop bands you may have heard of include LCD Soundsystem, Le Tigre, and The Postal Service.


Check ’em out. They’re pretty sick. Plus, the lead singer Lovefoxxx is quite pretty. 🙂

Listen to “Music is My Hot Hot Sex” at

February 11, 2007, 5:17 am
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I started to watch a movie, but fell asleep on it for a couple of hours. I awoke to find I had a voice mail message and a missed call on my phone. I listed to the message and it was my mom.

“New Message. Saturday 6:00pm, ‘Hey son, it’s your mom. I’m outside and can’t find my keys. Open up!”

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 6:30p. Whoops! I promptly called her back.

“Hey, boy. Are you awake now?”

“Yeah, sorry mom. Where are you?”

“I’m downstairs. I found my keys.”


Dad then got home and we watched the new episode of our favorite show that has been on a freaking 17-week hiatus. We then also watched an episode of a new show we’re also enjoying a lot, Heroes.

Ah… the return of good TV.

So Long, Farewell…
January 4, 2007, 11:27 pm
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So not that I really care or anything, but today I found out that FOX announced officially just yesterday that The O.C. will be airing its Season 4 and Series Finale on February 22nd. (Check out E! for the full story here)

I’ve been watching the show now for the past year and a half. Bought all the seasons and got my mom hooked on it as well. The premier season was a brilliant drama, but the light seemed to dim as the seasons progressed. Each subsequent season has been considerably more annoying and pointless up to the steaming pile of crap for a show that we have now. The fourth season of The O.C. has so far been the worst television I have ever seen. I honestly do now know why I keep watching it. It’s like an unhealthy addiction.

You can imagine my elation upon finding out that on February 22nd, I can finally be released from my weekly hour of masochistic self-induced torture. I hear that there are rumors that the new CW might pick up the show for a 5th season this fall. If they do, good luck with that. I won’t be watching it. That’s for sure.

The O.C. was great for a while, but really just went nowhere fast. I liked watching a TV show with my mom and I guess that’s why I stuck with it.

If any of you out there are O.C. fans and are disappointed by the news and need a High School drama to stay sane, tune your television sets over to Friday Night Lights on NBC Wednesday nights at 8pm. It’s MUCH MUCH better than The O.C.. The characters have so much depth to them and the plot is amazing. Reminds me of the first season of The O.C.; just without rich people driving beautiful cars and living in gigantic houses. Plus, there’s football in it. That’s always a good thing.

Farewell, The O.C.. You were kinda fun while you lasted. Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, I am free at last.

Good thing there’s still LOST.


Satire gone too far?
January 3, 2007, 8:15 am
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So as we all know, Saddam was executed this past week. A huge milestone in the history of time, if you ask me. On the news today, aside from the late President Ford’s funeral and burial coverage, there was a lot of talk about the leaked execution video of Saddam.

I went online trying to find the clip. I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve seen some filmed executions online (read: my experience) and they’re not that great to watch. I was definitely disturbed and it didn’t sit well with my stomach. I think I just wanted to see if I could find it.

I did find it, but didn’t play it all for the aforementioned reasons. What I did find, however, seemed to strike a stronger chord within me.

The following is a clip from SNL’s “Saturday TV Funhouse”, an animated segment that is usually a political satire. As I watched it, I was both humored and disgusted. See if that rings true with you…

Uploaded by PigLips

Obviously the things that are incredibly over-the-top, such as Osama and Saddam being able to shapeshift and President Bush bearing a striking resemblance to our primate friends, weren’t really all that offensive to me. The CIA agents ‘fornicating’ and Chaney talking about renaming Iraq to East Dakota reminded me a little bit of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The dialogue of the Iraqis seemed like a throwback to Team America: World Police, shouting things like, “Holy Jihad” and whatnot.

What really started to irk me was the commercials. Especially the one advertising rocks as children’s toys.

I don’t know. I think there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and I felt like that one was taken a bit too far. But now, even as I sit here writing this, I’m thinking about the movies Borat and Team America. Were those satirical comedies, just like this one, considered to be taken ‘too far’?

I’m not sure where I would draw the line, but I do know that I just felt a little uneasy after watching this clip. The same way I felt uneasy after watching Borat and Team America. At the same time, though, is there such a thing as being too Politically Correct? I guess that depends on the person.

What do you think?