Remember Imus?
December 3, 2007, 10:40 am
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Well, he’s back on the radio. After eight months of an extended hiatus after the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team incident, Imus returned to his homeĀ in the airwaves this morning on a new stationĀ and with a new “diversified” staff. The man seems to have changed, but he’s probably just careful not to make any waves… yet.

“We now have the opportunity to have a better program, to obviously diversity the cast — I mean that just makes sense. But the program is not going to change. … It is a great radio program. It’s on a better radio station. … I will never say anything in my lifetime that will make any of these young women at Rutgers regret or feel foolish that they accepted my apology and forgave me. And no one else will say anything on my program that will make anyone else think that I didn’t deserve a second chance.”

Time will tell. Imus was known for being edgy and provocative and that’s what made his show popular. He made a mistake and went too far earlier this year. I wonder if he can still deliver what his fans want or if he’s going to be overly-cautious and lose fans for having a boring radio show.

See a summarized play by play of this morning’s radio show here.


[are you kidding me?]
February 10, 2007, 2:30 am
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Church was awesome, but I’m flippin’ hungry now. Several of my friends and I head out to the mall to grab some grub from the food court. After pondering what I had the appetite to eat for a couple minutes, I decide on The Great Steak Company My friends Kat and Tila choose to get their food from the Mediterranean place right next to the Great Steak.

“Oh, Cy! Where are you eating?”

“Great Steak.”

“Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s SO good.”

“Uh… not really.” I say.

Just then, the man behind the counter raises a piece of meat skewered onto a toothpick, and says “Sample? Sample?”

Kat says, “Yeah, Cy! Try one! It’s really awesome. No kidding!”

I grab the sample from the guy and as I do, he says,

“Yeah! Try something other than Chinese food for a change!”

I chuckle… -WAIT. What? Did you seriously just make a racially insensitive joke at me? I respond with the only thing I can think of at the time,

“Dude… I don’t even really like Chinese food.”

In retrospect, I should’ve said, “Dude, I’m not even Chinese” or maybe retaliate with “Or maybe you should go eat some hummus or something!” Nah, I wouldn’t say that.

He goes, “Oh. Whatever.”

Yeah… I won’t be eating there.