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June 18, 2008, 12:42 am
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It’s been a relatively recent trend for major networks to stream full TV episodes on their websites. Being at USC this past year, I practically had no time to watch any television except for the occasional SportsCenter or Anderson Cooper 360. Being addicted to Lost and Friday Night Lights and not knowing when either of those episodes aired and most likely having class during those times anyway, I was extremely grateful that I could watch those full episodes online.

I just found out today that Disney has recently caught on to this trend and has started to host full movies online for streamed viewing. They’re calling it Disney XD. I actually just finished watching Monsters Inc. on Man that movie is still just as funny as the first time I watched it. Pixar can do no wrong in my opinion. Oh and who else is psyched about WALL-E? It looks fantastic and really funny. So yeah, go check out and their streaming movies. Here’s a schedule of the movies they’re featuring.

  • “Finding Nemo” – was available online through June 13
  • “Monsters Inc.” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 14 at 8pm; available on June 16-20
  • “Haunted Mansion” – airs on ABC Saturday, June 28 at 8pm; available on June 30-July 4
  • “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 5 at 8pm; available on July 7-11
  • “Princess Diaries 2” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 12 at 8pm; available on July 14-18
  • “Freaky Friday” – airs on ABC Saturday, July 19 at 8pm; available on July 21-25
  • “Peter Pan” – airs on ABC Saturday, Aug. 2 at 8pm; available on Aug. 4-8

Thanks to John Frost at The Disney Blog for the info.


Satire gone too far?
January 3, 2007, 8:15 am
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So as we all know, Saddam was executed this past week. A huge milestone in the history of time, if you ask me. On the news today, aside from the late President Ford’s funeral and burial coverage, there was a lot of talk about the leaked execution video of Saddam.

I went online trying to find the clip. I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve seen some filmed executions online (read: my experience) and they’re not that great to watch. I was definitely disturbed and it didn’t sit well with my stomach. I think I just wanted to see if I could find it.

I did find it, but didn’t play it all for the aforementioned reasons. What I did find, however, seemed to strike a stronger chord within me.

The following is a clip from SNL’s “Saturday TV Funhouse”, an animated segment that is usually a political satire. As I watched it, I was both humored and disgusted. See if that rings true with you…

Uploaded by PigLips

Obviously the things that are incredibly over-the-top, such as Osama and Saddam being able to shapeshift and President Bush bearing a striking resemblance to our primate friends, weren’t really all that offensive to me. The CIA agents ‘fornicating’ and Chaney talking about renaming Iraq to East Dakota reminded me a little bit of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The dialogue of the Iraqis seemed like a throwback to Team America: World Police, shouting things like, “Holy Jihad” and whatnot.

What really started to irk me was the commercials. Especially the one advertising rocks as children’s toys.

I don’t know. I think there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and I felt like that one was taken a bit too far. But now, even as I sit here writing this, I’m thinking about the movies Borat and Team America. Were those satirical comedies, just like this one, considered to be taken ‘too far’?

I’m not sure where I would draw the line, but I do know that I just felt a little uneasy after watching this clip. The same way I felt uneasy after watching Borat and Team America. At the same time, though, is there such a thing as being too Politically Correct? I guess that depends on the person.

What do you think?

Cy Recommends… [Jan. 02]
January 2, 2007, 6:10 pm
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With the new year and the new changes to the blog, I figured it’d be fun to do a weekly edition of things that I like and recommend. For now, it’ll be titled “Cy Recommends…” and I’ll try to do one every Tuesday. Without further ado…

Cy Recommends for the week of January 02, 2007…

I. Liquid Bean Coffee

For those of you living in the Antelope Valley area (Lancaster/Palmdale), you most likely already know about this gem located in the heart of Lancaster.

The quality rivals that of Starbucks and exceeds, based on my first impression of the place, The Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf. The prices are competitive and in most cases cheaper than it’s corporate equals.

The service is fast and friendly and that’s always a good thing.

Also, I’m all about supporting local and small businesses. So if you’re ever in the Lancaster area, check out the Liquid Bean Coffee House.

Liquid Bean Coffee House
1711 W Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93534
(661) 942-7591

II and III. The Fountain/The Fountain OST

Don’t know if you’ve had the chance to catch the latest Darren Aronofsky creation, The Fountain. Released in late November, this film is both thought provoking and visually stunning. If you weren’t fortunate enough to see it on the silver screen, I recommend that you catch it when it comes out on DVD in April of this year.

Hugh Jackman gives a stellar performance as three separate characters – a Spanish conquistador, a modern day research scientist, and a futuristic astronaut. Rachel Weiss, one of my favorite actresses, gives a noteworthy performance as well. The plot is convincing and though it weaves in and out of its three different stories consistently throughout the film, the general theme is easy to spot and identify with. It is essentially a love story between a man and a woman.

Here’s the trailer, which in my opinion, doesn’t do the movie justice.

One of the best things the The Fountain has going for it, aside from it’s outstanding cinematography, is its incredibly moving and beautifully haunting soundtrack. They say the score makes the scene, and in this case that’s very very true.

Even if you don’t like the film, if you have any taste in music whatsoever, this soundtrack is definitely for you. *wink*

The final track on the CD is one of my favorite songs from a film. “Together We will Live Forever”, though just a simple piano piece, is the song that runs during the credits that just sends shivers down the spine. Amazing.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this edition of “Cy Recommends…”, I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll refine this weekly feature. Tell me what you think! Leave comments. I recommend it.