Okay… sweet.
November 25, 2007, 12:47 pm
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I’m getting a feel for my new home here at WordPress. It’s a lot different from Blogger, but I think I’m liking it.

In other news:

UCLA beat Oregon. Which means that USC has a shot at and most likely will be in the Rose Bowl, taking the Pac-10 title. It’s been a great weekend.


A New Start
January 2, 2007, 1:27 am
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Hey, Friends!

It’s 2007 and the start of all things new! I figured I’d get back into the blogging scene with a fresh new makeover. I hope you all like the new template I’ve picked out and customized. I followed the same color scheme as my Mysapce. I also moved my old blog over to the new Blogger, so there is now more functionality as far as commenting and the sidebar goes. (Check out the new archiving system. It’s really cool!)

Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about that’s happened over the last two months.

…and I will start on all of that tomorrow. As I’m writing this, USC just beat Michigan 32-18 in the Rose Bowl. Fight On, Trojans!

For now, Happy New Year to all of you! Hope 2007 brings you some great surprises and a lot of fun!