I Miss Home.
November 14, 2008, 4:25 am
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It’s been months since I’ve been back to the Antelope Valley; seen old faces, clogged my arteries with Tom’s Chili Chese Fries, caught a movie at the 22, had a late night run to in-n-out on Ave. I, driven by where i worked, went to high school, middle school, elementary, and college in the span of one mile, played with Ewok, slept on the couch, called friends to see if they wanted to come over and hang, sat on the floor while mom gives me a massage, listen to King play saxophone, feel the cold linoleum under my bare feet, seen a joshua tree, watched a tumbleweed roll past, given Luke, Amanda, Hunter, Mike, Chris, Wayne, Charlotte, Azin, Charlie a hug…

I miss the AV.


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I know I’ve only been out of there for a month, but I feel you on this one. Which is why I have made a special effort to get back three times, even if it’s just for a little bit. Think about how much driving we used to do to come down here for small amounts of time. . . it’s the same thing just reversed.

Either way, just hit me up anytime when you have that ever-desired free time. I know I will be out of school on the 17th of Dec and have off until Jan 20, so that’s like five weeks of just work. So just let me know!

Comment by Justin

Another problem with which I†ve been dealing is this I have a friend who seems to be an exact clone of Jacob.

Comment by Alexa Gate z

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