Musings of a Self-Destructionist
May 29, 2007, 5:43 am
Filed under: Blog, College

Here I am, the night before my first couple finals for hopefully my last semester at AVC and I am stuck on the computer finding ways to procrastinate. Thus here I am writing this blog. I’ve exhausted all other methods. No new messages or friend requests on Myspace. No new wall posts or messages on Facebook either. No new forum posts on any of the message boards that I frequent. No new entries on my favorite blogs as well. No one is online that I want to talk to. There is nothing to watch on TV. My eyes hurt from playing too much video games.

Yet, I am on blogger. Typing up a blog entry. About how I’m putting off studying for my two economics finals tomorrow. I also have a paper to write. Crap. Well… *sigh*. I better go do that.


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Mas blogs por favor. . .

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