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February 21, 2007, 7:13 am
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Okay, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to do the whole posting my title in brackets thing. Probably til the end of the month…

With business aside, let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Over the last several days, I’ve realized that I’ve done what I kinda vowed not to do: Let the events that have happened to my friend affect me and my relationship with God and with other people.

Since last week, I’ve fallen flat on my face into sin, hurting God and other people. I’ve kinda withdrawn myself emotionally, putting up a barrier between me and my friends. I’ve lost some of the joy and zeal that I normally have. I’ve let tiredness become an excuse for most things.

Lately, I’ve been hearing people say, “Hindsight is 20/20” and it’s very true. I see the mistakes I’ve made this past week, and I’m going to work hard to spot when I start doing them and quit it right then and there.

Thus, If I have hung out with you over the last week and I haven’t been myself or I don’t seem to be giving myself fully to the company, I am deeply sorry and apologize. It’s not in my nature to be withdrawn or constantly ‘tired’. I hate that junk. So for that, I ask forgiveness.

I’m ready to go back to being filled with energy and joy. I like that a lot better than this sad and depressing state I’ve been in the last two weeks or so.

With that being said, I was watching the news tonight after American Idol on FOX and there was a segment on this Cal State Fullerton senior who has been living out of his truck for almost the last two years. My friend Emily was telling me about people she knows at USC who live out of their cars during the semester while taking care of all their hygienic needs at the university’s gym. Anyway, the guy keeps a blog and it’s a pretty interesting read. Already in the first half an hour of the segment getting air on FOX, he’s received almost twenty comments on his blog entry for today. Check out his musings on what it’s like to live in your car at Tomorrow he’s doing an interview for national television. He also was contacted by some of the press in France. Crazy.

Alrighty, not much else to say I suppose. I saw Wicked on Sunday night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood with my mom. It was my gift to her for Christmas. I must say, it was absolutely outstanding. The vocal performances were right on and I was just blown away by the set design. Good show.

That’s it for me tonight, I’m trying to keep the posts a little cohesive. I have more to write about, but I’ll save it for tomorrow. Tonight was fun. More on that later.



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Honestly sir, I would take the “sad, reserved” version of Cy over no Cy at all. I miss hanging with ya buddy – – –

Hope everything gets better and I hope even more to see you soon.

Love ya bro!

Comment by Justin

We can’t all be 100% all the time bro. We get tested and pushed now and then. Just from what I know of you from checking in on the blog now and then, I know that whatever has you down, won’t have you down for long. Good luck with all that you have going on!

Comment by Forest (farva)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the concern and love that a lot of people have been pouring out over the last couple months. I feel the support and that’s great. I’ve been kinda sick of these tired depressing posts lately, so I’ve kinda resorted to not posting at all, or at least not posting anything relevant. Thanks for checking up on me and stuff!

Comment by Cy

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