February 27, 2007, 1:22 am
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I just purchased a shirt online from this great t-shirt company Threadless. I think it fits me perfectly… (ha. pun)

Go to Threadless and buy yourself a fun t-shirt! If you use the links I’ve given in this post and purchase something, I get $3.00 off my next order!

Here are some previous shirts that I’ve purchased from Threadless


EDIT: So, I don’t know who it was, but someone has already used my link to buy a shirt! That’s $3 buckeroos off my next order! Whoever you are, thanks!


February 22, 2007, 7:07 am
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She’s the bomb. I love her. This is an old photo, but it gets the job done.

Love ya, Amber!


[my bad]
February 21, 2007, 7:13 am
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Okay, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to do the whole posting my title in brackets thing. Probably til the end of the month…

With business aside, let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Over the last several days, I’ve realized that I’ve done what I kinda vowed not to do: Let the events that have happened to my friend affect me and my relationship with God and with other people.

Since last week, I’ve fallen flat on my face into sin, hurting God and other people. I’ve kinda withdrawn myself emotionally, putting up a barrier between me and my friends. I’ve lost some of the joy and zeal that I normally have. I’ve let tiredness become an excuse for most things.

Lately, I’ve been hearing people say, “Hindsight is 20/20” and it’s very true. I see the mistakes I’ve made this past week, and I’m going to work hard to spot when I start doing them and quit it right then and there.

Thus, If I have hung out with you over the last week and I haven’t been myself or I don’t seem to be giving myself fully to the company, I am deeply sorry and apologize. It’s not in my nature to be withdrawn or constantly ‘tired’. I hate that junk. So for that, I ask forgiveness.

I’m ready to go back to being filled with energy and joy. I like that a lot better than this sad and depressing state I’ve been in the last two weeks or so.

With that being said, I was watching the news tonight after American Idol on FOX and there was a segment on this Cal State Fullerton senior who has been living out of his truck for almost the last two years. My friend Emily was telling me about people she knows at USC who live out of their cars during the semester while taking care of all their hygienic needs at the university’s gym. Anyway, the guy keeps a blog and it’s a pretty interesting read. Already in the first half an hour of the segment getting air on FOX, he’s received almost twenty comments on his blog entry for today. Check out his musings on what it’s like to live in your car at Tomorrow he’s doing an interview for national television. He also was contacted by some of the press in France. Crazy.

Alrighty, not much else to say I suppose. I saw Wicked on Sunday night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood with my mom. It was my gift to her for Christmas. I must say, it was absolutely outstanding. The vocal performances were right on and I was just blown away by the set design. Good show.

That’s it for me tonight, I’m trying to keep the posts a little cohesive. I have more to write about, but I’ll save it for tomorrow. Tonight was fun. More on that later.


February 16, 2007, 7:40 am
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I drop by his place tonight. He’s in his room so I hang with his roommates for a bit watching V for Vendetta. He comes out, says hi to me, gives me a hug, and grabs a drink of water. As he retreats back into his room, he waves at me and says,

“Cy, I’m saying goodbye for now. I probably won’t be seeing you for a while.”

I get up and give him another hug.

Well, he’s moving. Most likely at the end of the month. I’ll be sad for a little bit, but the joy from knowing he’s taking care of himself and getting better overwhelms any sorrow I can feel. I see this as a new chapter in his life and my own. A chance to end one story and begin another. I wish the best for him and hope he keeps his smile.

Sometimes clich├ęs are great: If you love something, you’ll let it go.

I love you, man. Take care of yourself. Get better.

February 14, 2007, 8:42 pm
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I exit my English to find this scene in front of me. I notice it almost immediately, make a comment in my head, and walk past it. I stop dead in my tracks and decide that I need to take a picture of this. I backtrack and as nonchalantly as I possibly can, grab a snapshot with my phone.

For the sake of humor and drawing attention away from things too serious, please caption this set of photos:

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[good news]
February 13, 2007, 8:25 am
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I realize that I’ve been very depressing lately, but with good reason.

However, you always have to stop in the madness of sadness (like that one, huh?), and smell the roses for just a second.

Monday was a great day for that. I got my Winter Intercession grades:

SOC101 – Introduction to Sociology, an online class with Professor William Lund – A
MUS102 – History of Jazz, a swinging fun class with Professor Gary Gregg – A

Those two A’s mean that (you’re going to hate me) I continue to maintain a 4.0 GPA in college. This will be the transcript I’m sending into USC for Fall 2007 admission and I’m very proud of it. According to the dean of the business department, I’m a shoe-in, but we can only wait and see.

Hey, what do you know! There is happiness in life!


postscript: That last line was a joke. Of course I believe there’s happiness in life. It just seems that in the whole myriad of sadness that this week has been, I haven’t made a point of sharing the things that have been bringing me happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going around sobbing all over the place.

February 13, 2007, 7:41 am
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Life teaches you that not all things are secure. You can’t always be 100% certain of what is right in front of you.

People change. Situations change. Lives change.

Granted, some things are certain for everyone. For me, my faith is certain. God is certain. Really. Does anything matter in this life? In this world that we live on? Apart from following the Lord and his commands, I don’t think so.

My friend is going to be facing some hard times up ahead. His future is only as uncertain as he allows it to be. If he learns from this mistake and puts God first, I think he’ll come out of it okay. Possibly even stronger and more secure.

I hope and pray that he doesn’t use this as a crutch to fall deeper into sin and despair. I pray that he continues to seek guidance and help in his life. I pray that he places his value solely on God and not the things of this earth that are perishing. I hope that he comes out of this trial victorious and ready to do whatever for the Kingdom.

If he does these things, then I know he’ll be taken care of. Sadly to say, if he does these things, I’ll be seeing much less of him. Honestly, I want what’s best for him. I still love him and he will always be my big bro.

For new life, there must be sacrifice. For him, the sacrifice is living in close proximity to us. I understand that him moving away is part of this sort of repentance that must take place in order for him to live once again for the Lord and not for himself. Yes, I’ll be sad by his departure and will miss seeing him week after week, but if it is what is necessary for both of us to live in eternity with our Heavenly Father, then I am all for it. “Not my will, but yours be done.” Right?

He will be third of those who have ‘left’. My closest friend and mentor during my early teen years Scott moved away to Sacramento in the summer of 2003. That same month, my own father decided to leave God and the Church and live a completely capitalistic life, seeking after things so temporary and worthless. Both were a huge hit to me that year. I used those two ‘leaving’ as an excuse to hate and doubt God. An excuse to fall deep into sin, taking me to a place I never dreamed I’d be. I’m still healing from the things I’ve done and making reparations to the people I’ve hurt.

This time around, I’ve learned my lesson. I cannot use this as an excuse for failure. I cannot use this as a reason to be ineffective, lukewarm, and selfish. Rather, I must use this as motivation to fight harder because the spiritual battle that this life truly is has become even more real to me. Satan has brutally attacked someone so close and dear to my life, that I have to fight back. I have to resolute to do God’s purposes for me in this life as vengeance for those lost in the battle.

I hope my comrade picks himself up and rejoins us on the frontlines sooner than later.

I’m thankful that through giving myself wholeheartedly to ministry work, that I’m learning more discernment and obtaining ‘greater wisdom’ (with it, I wouldn’t do it. (inside joke)). Seriously though, God has been teaching me a lot. I’ve become much more spiritual focused and it’s been a huge blessing to me. Because I’m devoting my time, energy, and efforts into other people and into the ministry, I have not had a lot of time nor opportunity for sin and all the guilt, shame, pain, and hurt that comes with it.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
-Jeremiah 29:11

Bro, I believe in you and love you. I know you’ll bounce back from this even more capable and ready for the calling we’ve been given. Use this as an experience you’ve gone through to help those you encounter in the future who have a problem dealing with the same thing. To be cliche, this is your curse and your blessing. I encourage you to take the advice of those leaders that you have talked to. If that involves moving away from the Antelope Valley, I understand and am supportive of it. I hope you do this for you and for God and for no one else. Remember that I’ll always be there for you and will always listen to you and hear you out. I am sorry that I couldn’t have been a better help to you to keep you away from doing what you did. Unfortunately, it happened. Yes, God does and has forgiven us of our sins, but we do have to deal with the very real earthly consequences that comes with some of those sins. I believe that if you don’t let this get to you and if you don’t use this as a crutch, God will continue to use you for his glory. “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Ps. 37:4) Continue to seek him out, man. We can never stop searching for Christ. I love you and believe that in God, you can still do amazing things. Take care of your relationship with Him and everything will follow. You’re still the