I’ve learned my lesson.
January 5, 2007, 2:18 am
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I just got out of my History of Jazz class that I’m taking over the Winter intercession. During class, I got a text message from one of my friends saying,

“so there’s a pic on ur page that i think u might wanna remove”

Before heading out to class, I posted the last entry about The O.C. being canned. Naturally, I wondered what the heck this person’s talking about. I chuckled to myself and though that maybe she’s talking about the picture of the cast of the show and that maybe she has some sort of extreme dislike for the program that she’s telling me to take it off my site. But I was not 100% sure, so I responded with,


to which I received the response,

“u should look. its interesting.”

And with that, I became officially worried with an hour still left in class. All I could think about was what could possibly be on my innocent little blog…

I got home and refreshed my page to find that my picture of the cast of Friday Night Lights was replaced with a plump rump. And I’m not talking about roast beef. I’ve heard about websites giving warnings against hotlinking (when a web page of one website owner is direct linking to the images or other multimedia files on the web host of another website owner), replacing the hotlinked image with some kind of obscene thing… and well, that happened to me.

So I’ve learned my lesson, no more hotlinking for me! I’ll take the extra couple minutes to save the image to my Photobucket and host it from there.

Sorry for all of you who saw the huge butt.



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Comment by Anonymous

If you listened to my message, you would have heard the same thing your texter said – –

I was like, “WTF Mate?”

Be careful with those sites sir 😀

Comment by Justin

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